27 February 2017

Make Your Mark – A Collaborative Artwork At Archangel

Celebrating International Women’s Day – 8 March 2017

“Drawing provides a common ground for communication. It engages us on an emotional and spiritual level. It can evoke memories, it can elicit feelings, it can shed light on life’s impulses – on death, love, power, play, intellectual pursuits, work on our dreams and emotions.” (DRAWING – A Contemporary Approach)


Ladies, Archangel invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day at Archangel.  Participate in fun day and the creation of a large collaborative artwork. Whether you are 90 or 19 years with no experience in art or the accomplished artist – we invite you to join us – we will provide the materials – all we want is for you to come with your friends and MAKE YOUR MARK. The resulting collaborative composition will remain on view to our visitors for all to enjoy.

Afterwards, we invite you to relax on the terrace overlooking the vines and enjoy a glass of wine and a shared charcuterie platter. The Picasso (Charcuterie and Cheese) or Matisse (Cheese) platters can be pre-ordered online at

WHEN:          Wednesday 8 March 2017: 12pm onwards

WHERE:        Archangel Vineyard, 68 Queensberry Terrace, Queensberry (15mins from Wanaka on State Highway 6, (on SH6 turn off at Willowbank Road)

For more information contact Mary:
Mb: 027 661 1015
Ph: 03 443 4347

8 February 2017

Vines, Wines and Romance (13th-19th February)

Love is in the air at Archangel. Come and celebrate Valentines week (13th-19th of February) with our Valentines special offer. To celebrate love, Archangel is offering a Shared platter of food for two, A bottle of Archangel and some sweet treats to finish off with, all whilst enjoying the spectacular views overlooking Archangel Vineyard. All for just $70.

There are limited spaces so bookings are essential. Book at or give us a call.

Over the next 7 days we’ll be giving you some romantic tips to help you prepare for Valentines Day.

Romantic Tip #7 It’s the Little Things that matter



30 December 2016

Be In To Win $250 worth of Archangel Vouchers


To celebrate the launch of our new website we’re giving you the chance to:
Go in the draw to win $250 worth of Archangel Vouchers 
that can be spent at our new online store 

Simply follow these TWO steps to enter:
1. Follow @Archangelwine on TWITTER or Follow us on Facebook
2. Visit and click on SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page and enter your name and email address.

Competition closes on 31 January 2017
Winner drawn on 1 February 2017

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6 December 2016

Spring Has Returned


Spring is the season of life! As winter slowly gives way and the warm September sun heralds the dawn of springtime, we are greeted with many wonderful sights, fragrant scents and a melody of beautiful sounds. The pleasantly warmer air and longer days thaw out the frozen soils and melts the alpine snow, bleeding life into the once cold land. This in turn, leads to dramatic growth, an eruption of colour and a freshness, which fills our minds, bodies and souls. A sharp, crisp springtime feel engulfs all that it comes into contact with, which seems to breathe new life into all of earth’s remarkable creatures. Stark greys and dull browns yield to luscious greens, effervescent yellows and a whole myriad of vibrant colours to form a patchwork of harmony over the landscape. Central Otago awakens from its slumber to greet Mother Nature with a yawn, a smile and a hop in its step. Our ears are filled with an array of alluring sounds, from newborn lambs and chirping cicadas, to young starlings crying out for their mothers. Oh Spring time – how we love you!

On the vineyard it is a cataclysmic explosion of life. Butterflies, ladybirds, honeybees and all other creatures great and small return to the vines as if coming back from a summer vacation. The vines arise from their winter solstice with a stretch of their limbs and warmth in their roots, as fresh green buds burst into existence. Growth and life is once again with us at Archangel!

This year Spring signals more than just the start of another growing season at Archangel. It brings with it change. Whilst Mother Nature has remained decidedly dormant and still over winter, Archangel has been busy at work. Scurrying, designing, crafting and creating it’s own masterpiece like a worker bee – readying ourselves to unveil our brand new Wine Lounge at Archangel Vineyard. There is an excitement as we set about to elevate the wine tasting experience for our visitors – An intertwining tapestry of fine wine, art and food to create the perfect place for the Archangel story to be shared, and for guests to share their stories. Set within a simple barn-like building with large paned windows that frame the landscape and bringing the outdoors in. Inside, the charming inglenook fireplace and rustic beams add to the ambience. Taking center stage a long oak table with high-back leather chairs creates a level of elegance and sophistication, elevating every occasion into something really special. With gracious hospitality, Archangel welcomes its guests to to sit and enjoy a perfect pairing of wine, food, art and storytelling

With every detail thought through, this versatile venue is also a perfect setting for weddings, private celebrations, corporate events and private tastings – whatever the occasion, Archangel will ensure a memorable occasion for any season.

So it is, that spring is indeed a time for growth and change. As Mother Nature awakens from her long sleep, so too, a new chapter begins in the legacy of Archangel. We invite you to join us as once the doors are open, to come and make Archangel your home away from home. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for an opening date and celebrations, coming soon!

28 October 2016

February 2017 Anneke Bester & Matthew Williams Exhibit

Visit Archangel Vineyard to experience the dynamic sculptures of New Zealand contemporary artists Anneke Bester and Matthew Williams.


Anneke celebrates the forms of nature through her work. With a direct reference to the neo-classical, she explores the figurative in her miniature bronze sculptures. Figures engaging in movement emphasise the grace, the rhythm and the strength of the human form.

Matthew’s passion for architecture and design can be seen in his work. His minimalist works explore form in its fundamentality. Simple geometric forms display a dimension of tension whilst an expressive quality is conveyed through strong lines and sweeping curves.

Relax on the outdoor terrace and take in the spectacular views and enjoy a glass of estate wine with a platter of artisan food.

Reservations are required and pre-ordering of platters is highly recommended. This is a free ticket event but spaces are limited.

Reserve your ticket nowselect a date for our Terrace Experience

9 November 2015

The Naming of a New Wine #2

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

Freedom and the arrival into Pahlevi in Persia were welcome, but for Stefania it was a time where her life would hang by a thread. Having survived one and a half years in a hard labor camp and the harrowing exodus from the frozen wastelands of Siberia, Stefania arrived into the heat of the desert, weak and suffering malnutrition. It wasn’t long before typhoid would take a strong hold and it would be a miracle if she would survive. But the Shah of Persia was a kind and generous man, offering his palaces as a refuge for the sick – and it was here that Stefania would be cared for and nursed back to health.

Stefania knew she was a survivor – it was faith that kept her going but also, it was the love and kindness of others that kept her alive and she would never forget that – she would be forever grateful and it was this gratitude that became her true strength of character.


Archangel Stefania Riesling 2012

The name ‘Stefania’ means ‘Crowned in Victory’.
The Archangel Stefania Riesling 2012 embodies the spirit of springtime – an unassuming wine, counterpoised in energy and delicacy and a fitting tribute to the memory of a young girl who showed spirit and determination in the face of adversity. Whilst the Archangel vineyard has realized its potential, it has found its noblest voice in Riesling!

1 January 2015

A Perfect Celebration

They say that when you’ve found the perfect setting it makes way for the perfect celebration and that’s what Zin found when he celebrated his birthday with friends at Archangel Vineyard.

Not a cloud in the sky, the group of friends began their afternoon with a tasting of award-winning Archangel wines – what better way to taste wine than in the place where they were grown! A delicious Afternoon Tea followed – platters of dainty sandwiches and handmade cakes.

With the vines making an ideal backdrop, Zin and his friends were able to sit back, relax and enjoy good wine, good food and good friendship in the most perfect setting – making this special occasion one to remember.

7 May 2014

Through Artist’s Eyes

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”

John Updike

These days I approach life with a sense of creative purpose. I am both a vigneron (someone who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking) and an artist – I cannot separate the two. As my life becomes more entrenched in the world of wine I realise that to stand out and be noticed, creativity is not something you do intermittently – instead, creativity becomes a way of life.

Like most artists (and winemakers) I like to express myself through my work. For me, the vineyard offers simple wonder and gratitude – a ‘timelessness’ that tells our story – it is this story that I weave through my art and wine.

The commonalities of art and wine are apparent – both engage our senses, evoking emotional if not mystical experiences. So what happens when you pair art with wine – well, not only is it a memorable experience, it becomes a portal to the aesthetic. I was recently invited to pair my art and wine at a degustation ‘Long Lunch’ at the Nice Hotel and Table Restaurant in New Plymouth. I would like to thank Terry, his creative chefs and staff for an absolutely memorable day. To our guests and lovers of wine, art and all things good – thank you, for your enthusiasm, your conversation and your laughter. It made me realise that art and wine together, can offer a greater range of enjoyment and appreciation – it can leave us feeling truly connected, but most of all, it is fun!

Archangel Vineyard – Where our wine is born and where the art series ‘Moments’ was inspired. Enjoy!

18 February 2014

Ladies Day Picnic – Vintage Style

Turning someone’s special day into a magical one is something we like to do at Archangel. Recently, we received this email request:

I am trying to organise a lovely, memorable day for my best friend Tracey and 4 of her closest friends before her wedding. She is not keen on a hens doo, but a lover of all things wine and food.

I am looking for a beautiful scene, that is low key, private and somewhere we can drink good wine over good conversation! I want to create a picnic – think blankets, cushions, lanterns etc. Somewhere we can hang out privately and drink wine with perhaps a cheese platter and if it’s OK also can you cater with finger food (sweets, lollipops, cupcakes etc.).”


Of course we said yes. To ensure the day would be extra special and become a wonderful lasting memory for Tracey and her friends, we suggested a picnic with a vintage styled theme at Archangel Vineyard.

Picnic day arrived. The sun was shining, the vintage scene was set, the picnic fair looked delightful and of course the Archangel wine chilled, ready to be poured.

It was a perfect setting for a very special Ladies Day Picnic – Vintage Style!

9 November 2013

The Naming of a New Wine

“It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars”
Richard Evans

One and a half winters in a Siberian labour camp taught Halina two things – resilience and hope. She knew that living in fear was wasted energy. For Halina and her family to survive, she would need strength of character and a belief that there was a better future ahead of her.

As a child, Halina enjoyed riding with her father on the cavalry horses. She was fascinated by the mutual respect and trust she saw between horse and rider. Every opportunity she could find, Halina would be with the horses – keeping the stables tidy and the horses groomed and fed. She liked the physical work and preferred this to household chores.  The more time she spent with the horses the more she understood them and they her. She was developing her father’s ‘horse sense’ and it was this, that would help her deal with life in the most practical way, but more importantly, it gave her the courage to deal with some of the adversities that lay ahead.

It was no wonder that when she arrived at the labour camp in Arkhangel’sk she was put to work, minding the farm animals for the Russian soldiers. Even though she had to work long hours, she didn’t complain. She would tend to the nutritional needs of the animals and the cows would need to be milked.

The harsh Siberian winter was taking its toll. With little food, Halina’s younger sisters were beginning to show signs of malnutrition.  Tending to the animals on a daily basis gave Halina the perfect opportunity to sneak away small containers of milk back to her mother. The Russian soldiers would never notice and it would allow her mother to make a warm soup of milk and bread to keep Lucia and Sabina nourished. Unfortunately for Halina, her resourcefulness was short lived. Caught red handed by a Russian officer, Halina was lucky to have got away with no more than a reprimand. Instead of farm work, she was sent to work in the forests to log trees. She didn’t mind – the dense, dark spaces were filled with the scent of pine and Halina knew that one-day, the sun would shine!


Archangel Halina Riesling 2012
My mother had a spirit that no one could tame. She loved nature and animals, story telling and the stranger. She loved the snowflake on her face and the sun on her back. She loved a gathering of family and friends, eating cake and all things sweet. She had a natural beauty and was truly unique. The name ‘Halina’ means ‘sun-ray’.

The inaugural Archangel Halina Riesling 2012 is a medium sweet style wine that has been crafted from grapes hand-picked from vines that sit on the sun-drenched terraces of the Archangel vineyard. Naming this wine ‘Halina’ seems a fitting tribute. Halina would have liked it a lot!